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Early Harvest

By Laura E. Alvarez





Clothes Story, here! It’s an early harvest for Fall style. People. If you are not back to school this Fall, then you still need to dress for the harvest. The harvest? Yes, you don’t just get a fresh start if you are starting classes again. You get a fresh start with the harvest. It’s harvest time all over the world this Fall. You planted those little precious seeds last spring, you watered them all summer and watched them grow beautifully. Soon, it’s going to be time to harvest those projects.  Just remember to have a nice bon fire later on where you clear your space of all the old remnants that are left from your process of creation. Yes, you get to do that, too! So many reasons for feasting.

So feast your eyes on this harvest-ready ensemble. Sun drenched scene in late summer: dry leaves on the ground, bright sky, faded wood, chaparral by the sea.

Jeans by Levi’s (wabi sabi by me). T shirt by Giant Robot. Jeans by Levi’s (Wabi Sabi alterations by me). Belt by Patagonia. Shoes by Doc Marten, part of the Pendleton Collection.



I Heart Ice Bat

by Laura E. Alvarez






Okay, this is the perfect kid show as per my post about taking your kids/teenagers to an art show. It doesn’t hurt that it is surrounded by incredible food, toys, and awesome t shirts.  Where is this paradise? Sawtelle Blvd. in West Los Angeles, of course. Sawtelle, land of Japanese markets, Beard Papa, Vietnamese food, sushi shops disguised as Game Stops, and a place that can lift my spirits anytime. The art show is at GR2, as in Giant Robot 2 which is part gift shop, part art gallery.  If you are not already familiar with the brilliance of Giant Robot’s magazine and stores, you just have to go check it out for yourself… or you can prep by checking out their website here.

But let’s get to the show! Uglycon 2014 is a tribute to Ugly Dolls which were created by David Horvath and Sunmin Kim. These adorable dolls redefine the word “ugly” with their wit and unique personalities. When I say wit, I mean the cards that accompany them are so funny in the way they describe each doll’s personality that they add a whole other layer to your enjoyment of them. For example, this description accompanies a doll named, “Wage”…

Wage is a hard worker, just like you! He works at the local Super
Mart and wears his apron to serve his customers best. Does Super
Mart know that Wage works there? Nope.But Wage doesn’t mind.He
likes to put things in bags, especially snacks.

Also hilarious and deep is the book, Ugly Guide to the Uglyverse. There are others, but this one is in our library.

UglyCon 2014 celebrates the ten years that Ugly Doll’s Ice Bats have graced our planet by asking artists to represent Ice Bat in different mediums. The results range from comedic to dreamy to adorable. This is a must-see show for anyone who likes monster-y dolls, and visiting that special place where pop culture meets fine art. It’s a place I like to visit whenever I get the chance. But go soon, soon, soon. This show ends July 9th!!

And… oh yeah, my boys loved it. We went home and brought out our Ice Bats to full display, as we had just learned it was their birthday.