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how to make a mexican tea mason jar


1.  Go to a “regular” market (not Whole Foods, etc.) and find the Mexican food aisle.  In smaller markets sometimes its just a little display full of chili powder, bay leaves in packages like this.  Buy some packages of 99 cent bags of tea.  This market had chamomile – so good for the kids before bed!  So good for everybody who lives in a city.  Calm down!




2.  Get some scissors and open the packages.  Cut out the cool label and name of the tea carefully from one of the packages.




3.  Put the tea bags and label in one of those jars you saved from last time you “made” pasta sauce.




4.  Put the jar next to your other jars of delicious looking items.  Here we have from left to right:  chili powder, chamomile tea – Hey!  Where did that come from?!, pickled peppers, and rice.


Pretty cool, right?  It’s like a Mexican Martha Stewart moment.  Feels so comforting. 🙂

-Laura E. Alvarez