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start it right

It’s time to do a classic, simple post with one photo and just a few uplifting words. You know, the kind of post that balances out those other magazine article length, yet illuminating posts that take DAYS to write, many edits, opinions from friends, family, pets, etc.  Those posts that do it all… cover art, food, kids, fashion, philosophy AND integrate them all into a seamless, enjoyable three course dinner with coffee and dessert afterwards. No, this is a simple post. It gets right to the heart and essence of Simone Rey.  Simple and dignified, not wordy or funny and full of stories.  Yes, a serious post.  Poetic.  Warm.  Golden.  I love posts like that.  Like this one.  Those really inspire me.  Jordan, from  This Girl Walks into a Bar really inspired us the other day.  All her blog experience and know how.  She reminded me of the importance of that one photo/few words post.  I LOVE those.  They are so succinct, so haiku, so elegant.  I have a friend who sometimes just posts one word on Face Book… like “Happening.”  I tried doing it.  I posted “Rain.” when it was raining and another friend called me out.  She knew exactly what I was trying to do.  She responded with “Yoga.” or “Mist.” I forget.  When I was in college, sometimes I felt like I was always talking too much.  Talk, talk, talk.  I couldn’t stop.  I liked to recount my whole day.  Everything was so exciting.  And then I noticed the quiet, pretty, stylish girls of few words, and I thought, “I should try to be like them.  That’s cool.  That’s classy.”  And so I tried.  But it was not going to work.  I was sad.  So I went back to being myself. Which is always better, isn’t it?

-Laura E. Alvarez