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Rapp Saloon


by Laura E. Alvarez





I was trying to think of a name for the outfit I came up with for an event for last Saturday night and realized that the outfit is the exact representation of what I experienced the night before at Rapp Saloon.  “Where’s the poetry?” Byron likes to ask.  Well, we found it the night before where we were privileged to hear the live poetry of Gloria Enedina Alvarez, featured poet that night.

Doesn’t this just look like an outfit you would wear to the oldest brick building in a sea side southern Californian city where you might find someone playing stand up bass, someone else playing the beats made on their phone to accompany Spanglish poetry, and someone else finishing a stint busking on the mall only to run over and recite more poetry?

I was inspired by the brick, the word “saloon”, and the bright pink flower in the hostess’ hair.  Wearing that Hermione Love jacket a lot lately.  Just can’t get enough.  Some articles of clothing just capture your current chapter, don’t they?  I’m kind of glad I figured out the outfit the day after.  It made the poetry last all weekend.

Jacket by Salt & Pepper, dress by Glam Vintage Soul, boots vintage, fish necklace vintage

Thank you, Evan Hartzell for the above photos.


Evan Hartzell playing his IPhone beats as he accompanies poet, Gloria Enedina Alvarez.


Author: simonerey

Artists, passionate about food and familia.

2 thoughts on “Rapp Saloon

  1. Stunning. Beautiful lady.

  2. Hey, hey, hey. Simone Rey compliments herself? No. Identify yourself… Byron?! xoLaura

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