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Artists in Residence

by M. Byron Trent

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I get so excited when it feels like summer!  And, it feels like summer if only just for a few more days until the weather quickly changes and then we dawn a fleece or hoodie of some sort.  After all, it is Southern California.  What makes me the most happy about this weather, other than believing that I can feel the ocean breeze, is the thought that summer camp is just around the corner. Paradiso Arts and Byron L.A. (My Art Cafe) will have their second annual summer camp.  Can you feel it?  Laura Alvarez, atelierista extraordinarre  ignites the flames of our artists who all work together as a community .  Through art, and some pretty yummy smoothies, we cultivate a sense of connectedness and deepened interpersonal relationships.   That’s right, little kiddos listening to rhythms and finding their own.  We have our own little cultural collective going on here and an energy that just makes us all really happy.

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I have mentioned Reggio Emilia in my previous post, “Put a Little Reggio in Your Life”  and the foundation of community is the underlying emphasis.  It is important that one enter our environment with a fresh mind and hopefully, fresh eyes.  This helps to develop a richer aesthetic.  Laura has a magical way of taking materials that have been previously used in less meaningful ways and allowing the children to “re-see” them.  She might also replace items with more provocative and natural mediums.

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This is our opportunity to work with all of our senses and I have the opportunity to try out my smoothie recipes.   Not to mention,when time allows, Laura, her kids and mine get to gather for a breakfast treat before class.  This year my oldest daughter is old enough to man the stove.  Yippee!

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